We recently held our 11th annual Toys For Tots golf tournament, hosting industry professionals including golf superintendents, vendor reps, course owners and even a tour caddie. The comments were great on the course condition. The event was concluded with a storm that dumped 2 inches of rain and a few of our players were soaked but in good spirts and overall it was a great event!

Following this tournament, the day after, was our annual Big Dog Challenge. The staff worked extremely hard preparing the course and refining every detail, providing an awesome experience for all to enjoy! Keeping greens speedy can be a challenge with high humidity combined with warmer than normal weather. Staff watches the weather and plans on seasonal trends to slow growth down and gain speed and smoothness on the greens. When weather doesn’t cooperate, additional measures are taken to ensure the best playing conditions are provided. Often when temperatures drop into the 30’s, we see the greens get pretty quick as was the case this weekend hosting the IGTA event which included some players from the Golf Channel Big Break. We had a lot of players on the course, from all over the world, enjoying great central Florida weather during the upcoming holiday season. Thank you and wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!