A note from our Superintendent, Steve Keller:

We often get questions about how the weather affects the course: “What weather hurts the course and what type of weather helps?” The warmer season is our growing season. So we embrace the warmer weather but, our area is known for cool snaps and often times, quite cold snaps! Frost isn’t uncommon throughout the winter and we recently witnessed 3 consecutive frosts and then on day 4, temperatures rose to over 80 degrees! As people, we become confused and turf grass is no different. Monitoring the extended forecast is what we have to do to prepare for the onset of stressful weather including rains, wind, humidity, cold, and hot weather as they all effect what we manage daily.
In the darkness of the pre-dawn, we analyze these conditions and what we need to do to get the best results each day.  Another frequent question is “Did you mow the greens today?” Well it depends but, we may go several days to a week without mowing the greens creating less stress as this is only going to help keep the greens in excellent condition and if we have the perfect roll and speed why would we mow? It depends, but we do apply a light topdressing of sand at least once if not twice a month, improving ball roll and helping level ball marks and assisting with recovery with no negative impact but, rather very positive.
We appreciate the great support and allowing the staff to provide what we believe to be the best around. Thank you and see you on the course it’s really getting good!