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A note from our Superintendent, Steve Keller:

Something only a few people would know is that during the construction of Juliette Falls in early 2006, the 10th hole was the first hole to be designed and was slated to be the 1st hole. It was still early in the development, but the decision was made to switch after reviewing a water shot may not be the best way to start a round and the now 9th makes for a great 9th hole but would have been a little short of a great 18th hole. Even after playing 9 holes and stopping at the clubhouse for a moment and going to the 10th tee and having to deal with the water shot can be intimidating to some. The course starts out pretty straight forward and you see your first water shot on the 6th, 7th and 9th and also the 10th hole, then comes water again on #13 and finishing out with the 18th.
In the design, there is plenty of room to play without finding the water and only a poor shot will usually find the water hazards. On many of the forward tees, these hazards don’t really come into play as they take you farther away from trouble, making the experience better by design for those who may play the more forward tees.
Winter Season is our peak season and although it’s not our turf growing season, we have prepared the course to play excellent over the next several months. The staff does a great job of preparing the course daily and we ask now that players do their part taking care of the course from watching cart traffic, using the path as frequent as possible, filling divots, using special green sand provided and ball marks be repaired. These are the main areas that really help, as our turf is really slow to recover now, and even when we get warmer stretches, the turf just grows so much slower in the winter. We appreciate all the great support as most of us do a great job of taking care of our areas and keeping carts away from greens and higher traffic areas.

A note from our Superintendent, Steve Keller:

We often get questions about how the weather affects the course: “What weather hurts the course and what type of weather helps?” The warmer season is our growing season. So we embrace the warmer weather but, our area is known for cool snaps and often times, quite cold snaps! Frost isn’t uncommon throughout the winter and we recently witnessed 3 consecutive frosts and then on day 4, temperatures rose to over 80 degrees! As people, we become confused and turf grass is no different. Monitoring the extended forecast is what we have to do to prepare for the onset of stressful weather including rains, wind, humidity, cold, and hot weather as they all effect what we manage daily.
In the darkness of the pre-dawn, we analyze these conditions and what we need to do to get the best results each day.  Another frequent question is “Did you mow the greens today?” Well it depends but, we may go several days to a week without mowing the greens creating less stress as this is only going to help keep the greens in excellent condition and if we have the perfect roll and speed why would we mow? It depends, but we do apply a light topdressing of sand at least once if not twice a month, improving ball roll and helping level ball marks and assisting with recovery with no negative impact but, rather very positive.
We appreciate the great support and allowing the staff to provide what we believe to be the best around. Thank you and see you on the course it’s really getting good!

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Join us for our Friday night dinner!

January 17th | 4PM-8PM

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Dinner includes bread, soup or salad, and two sides: Roasted Garlic Risotto & Asparagus
➡️Filet Mignon $30
Grilled filet served with a garlic parmesan cream sauce
➡️Honey Garlic Sockeye Salmon $30
Wild-caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, seared and finished with a honey garlic sauce
➡️Stuffed Pork Loin $22
Pork loin stuffed with garlic, spinach & mozzarella cheese, topped with a cranberry demi-glace
➡️Chicken Scallopini $20
Thinly sliced chicken seared with tomato, bacon & mushrooms, tossed in a lemon cream sauce, served over angel hair pasta
Save room for one of our delicious, seasonal desserts!

A note from our Superintendent, Steve Keller:

It’s 2020 and we are in a really good position going into the new year. It has been challenging and we may see some more wild weather but, overall we are pleased and busy repairing ball marks and filling divots. Golfers generally do a great job but, during the busy season we find the need to give these areas more attention, especially since turf recovery slows down, to almost stops during the cooler months.

Tapping down spike marks works great to allow players to do before putting, within the new rule change and we see players even after putting, tapping down areas around the flag where another player may have scuffed their feet and ruffled the turf. We appreciate this extra care and doesn’t take any extra time but, improves the experience for everyone.
We are proud of the staff and players working together as a team to keep the course at its best during our busiest time of year. Now golfers from all over the world visiting central Florida will be playing golf and we strive to provide the best conditions around through grooming to create rolling greens, blowing and cleaning leaves from tee boxes, fairways, bunkers and coquina areas and fine-tuning to create the perfection you see out here! The staff is on the course before daybreak preparing the course daily and making every effort to touch as many details as possible before the first early groups start. This is always a challenge as there is so much to do every day, but we do get it done! Much appreciation goes out to the dedication that goes into making us great. Thank you for all the players support and looking forward to another record year!

Happy New Year!

From all of us at Juliette Falls.

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Join us for our Famous Prime Rib Night this Friday!

12 oz. cut of Lawry’s Seasoned Prime Rib, served with buttery mashed potatoes, grandma’s creamed corn and yorkshire pudding, accompanied by a fresh spring mix salad. We top it all off with the famous Florida orange cake for dessert.


Go BIG & try our 16 oz. Big Dog cut for an additional $4!

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Join us for our Friday night dinner!

December 20th | 4PM-8PM
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Dinners include bread, soup or salad, and two sides: Mashed Potatoes and Spaghetti Squash & Zucchini
Filet Mignon $30
Hand-cut filet grilled to perfection, served with a mushroom demi-glaze
Chicken Marsala $22
Seared chicken breast with sauteed portabella mushrooms and fresh garlic tossed in a house made marsala sauce
Grouper $30
Fresh grouper blackened and seared with a mango glaze, topped with a tropical salsa
Veal Parmigiana $30
Breaded veal cutlets pan-fried and topped with parmesan cheese served over spaghetti with our house made marinara
Seasonal dessert shooters available! Ask your server.
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