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Great Reviews from a Busy Month!

We recently held our 11th annual Toys For Tots golf tournament, hosting industry professionals including golf superintendents, vendor reps, course owners and even a tour caddie. The comments were great on the course condition. The event was concluded with a storm that dumped 2 inches of rain and a few of our players were soaked […]

History of Golf Hasn’t Changed

Golf practices and games that are similar to today’s game dates back some 600 years. The earliest games were played in fields and even on ice! Wind swept animal burrows created the earliest hazards we now design as sand bunkers. The actual rules of the game were documented around 1741. Historians mention earth worms as […]

If Turf Could Talk

If you know what to look for when looking at turf grass, one can see deficiencies and apply necessary nutrients to improve the health of a plant. Often, a complete nutrient combination is applied to ensure certain elements are available. Not having 1 or 2 elements available for the plant can cause problems with the […]