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We are in full “swing” for welcoming the upcoming Florida Spring at Juliette Falls Golf Club in Dunnellon, Florida. Golf Course Superintendent, Steve Keller, and Staff do an outstanding job of course maintenance and grounds upkeep. Check out our amazing Spring foliage coming to life on the golf course!


                 The Yellow Tabeuia Tree flowers in February – March. It is cold sensitive, but in warmer winters we are finding things start to bloom earlier than normal.


  The Camellia Bush has many different varieties that bloom throughout winter. They often have several different multi-color blooms on any one bush.

                 The Red Magnolia, aka The Mulan Magnolia, is part of the Magnolia species of plants. It also goes by the “Tulip Magnolia”. It enjoys the shade and more wet areas for better growth. This species can be found along the Hole 13 Cart Path.                   

The Azalea Plant is part of the Rhododendrum Family. They flower in the Spring and last for several weeks. There are many different species and they like to be in the shade and under large trees. The Masters Tournament counts on the color from these each spring and will ice them down to slow down their blooming just in time for the big event held every April.


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